What is family mediation?
If you are separating or divorcing, family mediation provides a safe, confidential space to help you sort out disputes - without involving big legal fees or going through a long drawn-out court battle.  Professional family mediators help you work out what happens after you split up.  They won't try to get you and your ex-partner back together.  They can also help when you've been separated a while and need to sort something out.  A mediator will listen to you and your ex-partner explain your concerns and views to each other and will help you both to reach an agreement. 

Mediation works by helping people find practical solutions that feel fair.  It is a confidential and safe space.  Some people who can't afford mediation can get it for free through the 'Legal Aid' scheme.

Family mediation helps if your relationship has broken down and you need to sort out practical issues such as:

  • Arrangements for children - where they are going to live and when you'll see them
  • Child maintenance payments
  • Sharing finances e.g. house, savings, pension
  • Dealing with any debts